Become an Ambassador

"Nobody owes it to you. Make it happen for yourself"


As you would know, Lucky Kids Equine is a dedicated equestrian store for children. We design our products and have quality manufactures make our products to then sell to the public and other equestrian businesses.

As part of our business we pride our self on giving back to the community through our Brumby initiative program and sponsoring local equestrian events.

We are now looking for Lucky Kids Equine ambassadors!

Children from the age of 0 - 16 who have a high community engagement and reach to others in Australia and or all over the world within the equestrian industry.

This may be through social accounts, equestrian sporting clubs or general every day activities.


What is a brand ambassador?

Is an individual who promotes a brand in order to raise awareness and boost sales. A brand ambassador will showcase the company products and services, promote and appear at brand events. Ambassadors maintain an ongoing relationship with brands, sometimes for a year or longer, and endorse the brand and its products over time. The purpose of a brand ambassador is to increase brand awareness, compliment brand image and generate sales.


Who are we looking for?

Those who have followed LKE's journey, promoted and shared social posts, engaged in our online content and shown a true love & passion for our products. These individuals will also have shown politeness, respect, drive and ambition.

By becoming an LKE ambassador doesn't mean your just in it for the free products or for us as a business to just want you to boost sales. We want this to be an ongoing and encouraging relationship by both parties and to share our love and passion for LKE products and horses.



1. Apply


Complete, Sign and Return the form to 

You will be notified of your outcome after the closing date.

2. Purchase your riding apparel with your discount code.

3. Share - Tell all your friends + fam about your unique ambassador code for them to receive 10% off and for you to earn your rewards!

4. Connect - Join our closed FB Ambassador group chat. Share your exciting news, social content and more.



- You will be mentioned and featured on all of our online accounts

- You will be featured on our website with photos and information of who you are

- You will receive 15% off on all your personal purchases

- You will be posted a birthday gift 

- You will have the chance to earn free products



1. To engage in our social media content. That being, like - share - comment

2. Post 1 - 2 times a week about our products or photos of you wearing our products

3. Share your opinions and thoughts on products and creative new design ideas for future products

4. Spread the awareness of Lucky Kids Equine as much as possible

5. Be available for new product photoshoots upon discussion of an agreed day and time

6. Leave product; Google, Website & Facebook reviews

Remember.. the more you share and have friends/family/followers purchase, the more rewards YOU receive!



1. Do not comment with your Ambassador code on any LKE social media posts or channels (i.e. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), even if you see another Ambassador doing it.

2. Be kind and respectful to all other ambassadors.

Simple! :)

We are all in this together and LKE want to make this an enjoyable and fulfilling relationship with our ambassadors.


If you feel like this is for you, please email

Subject: Ambassador Application


Got questions? Sure! Contact us on (03) 5785 1484 or email attn Stacey regarding ambassador program