Hello my name is Jule and I am the new owner of Lucky Kids Equine. Stacey and her husband Paul,  created, developed and designed Lucky Kids Equine (LKE). 

I am looking forward to providing great products not only for equestrians but also everyone else. 

I have grown up with horses all my life and have competitively competed in Eventing, Dressage & Show Jumping. I have now changed disciplines to Western. 

Stacey originally chose the name off the business Lucky Kids Equine, due to their first born daughter Elaina, showed her love and passion for horses at the age of two, and Stacey could not find any suitable riding apparel that was available in her size. This is where the concept of Lucky Kids Equine came from. 

But why Lucky Kids? I feel that to be given the opportunity to have affordable and quality products available to all equestrian families and children, including babies, then these children are lucky. They are lucky to have such caring and passionate parents to provide their kids with the very best but not be financially "put out". 

Hence the name "Lucky Kids Equine". :)

All our products, have been sourced from only the best manufacturing companies to ensure our designs are premium quality. 

Our LKE products were designed by Stacey,  along with some helpful ideas from her family. I am proud of what products Stacey has produced and I hope to continue expanding the brand and product range.

From our family to yours, we have put a lot of love and careful attention in to each item. 

We encourage you to provide your feedback on our range of products and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Happy riding, Jule and the LKE Team ❤️